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This section is dedicated to chess players that use their chess experiences to make better moves in the game of life...



Queen of Katwe Visits DC

Students at the Boys & Girls clubhouse 14 got an extra special visit from the real life Phiona Mutesi and her coach Robert Katende who have had the Queen of Katwe movie made based on their lives!

CCinDC Brings Brooklyn Castle to DC!

We Act Radio... is Doing Something!

Three of the five Miles brothers (the other two were napping in car w/mom) snuck in some extra chess and life lessons at We Act Radio Station after speaking on how it is growing up in SE DC on Say It With Your Chess Radio! 

Big Day at the Big Chair Chess Club!

People from all over the DMV area gather for a celebration of Chess players from the past present and future. We did this by gathering together and exchanging information about moves on and off the board. No better place to do so than the house that Eugene Brown made famous by helping the youth make calculated moves.

Mr. Eugen Brown is so impactful that hollywood has even had to pay attention by making a movie based on the house and Eugene's life story; properly titled Life of a King starring Cuban Gooding Jr. Checkout the video and pictures below to get a closer feel for the knowledge this house produces!

Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Unfortunately I was not able to make it to the Peace Walk on MLK day. I arrived late in attempts to get equipment together. However, I did get a chance to hand out some shirts to the church folk and pass on the knowledge of the Original Sankofa Symbol. My plan was to only give the shirts out to those that could identify the symbol but I was glad to pass them out along with some information. They were also slightly busy, so I did not want to intere with pictures.


My Charged camera batteries did not go to waste for we celebrated MLK in the evening at the Artist's Den in NW DC. There were people from all walks of life coming together and expressing themselves in various formats such as song, spoken word, and poetry. This was my first time visiting and I was impressed by the quality and originality. Surprise the artist that received the largest ovation is also a chess player!

Click Image for Video The "Muse" did not quite remember what the original Sankofa symbol was, but more than passed the test!

On MLK weekend I got a chance to reach out to a new friend. We played some mental chess and traded some jewels about the late and great Dr. Francis Cress Welsing. I learned a lot about the "Muse," or Mrs. Lanora Clark-Williams, select her name to view her facebook page and select her image to hear about the "original" Sankofa.

Local Artists & Celeb Artshow

In December of 2015 we came together at the Arc Center of Anacostia, DC to celebrate the works of local artists and the meeting of their real life subjects. The weather was just right for an evening out to an art show. The experience went much further than simply admiring the fantastic creations.


Everything came together in an excellent fashion; people from different walks of life met and exchanged experiences. Public and home-school students mingled together and everyone was in positive and productive mood as we connected and expanded or networks. I even found out that the very talented Covin family also participates in Chess in addition to having a talent for the arts.

In a time where it seems that so much negativety and devision is promoted, it was great to experience people from all walks of life gather in enjoyment.View the video above and pictures below to see what else took place at the art show.

Cheer's Big Chair Feast

On Thursday November 26, 2015 we gave thanks with the extraordinary unification and collaboration of Cheers @ the Big Chair, F.F.O.I.P. (Friends & Family of Incarerated People), Girls Rule the World, Mr. Travon White, N.O.W. (No Opportunity wasted), ManPower DC, and We Act Radio. This gathering took place at the Big Chair of S.E. DC and it was a big success!


The delicious food provided by Cheers had everyone in a cheerful mood and everyone had a plate (I had more than that!) including anyone who happened to be passing by. With great weather and good music, we kept the positive energy going by everyone contributing to the effort. There was a team effort in cleaning up and setting and resetting chairs and table. The kids ate a lot, however there were also young men and women helping dish out meals.


While this was a special celebration; the people and organizations truly care about their community every day. While I spoke with people I gained an understanding of not just what they were doing on this day but in their life's work. Thanks Stuart Anderson, a chess player, for organizing the event.

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